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     John Spooner 2004

Although I left school at the age of 15 without any formal qualifications, I have been involved in Architectural Design for most of my working life.
I have also been 'self employed' for most of my working life.

Now retired I am spending more time in my garden and continuing to cultivate and collect the more unusual shrubs trees and other plants which thrive here in the Cornish climate.

I have been fortunate to have been involved in many interesting projects
My love for gardening and in particular the propagation and cultivation of garden plants created a natural progression from Architectural work to Garden Design.

I have achieved some success with my garden designs, having won second prize in the Sunday Times Garden Design Competition.   (see Swimming Pool in 'Competitions')
I have also had one of my designs (my Beginner's Garden) built at the Hampton Court Flower Show in 1989.

I have also been involved in two projects in Japan.

I currently continue to offer a full 'landscape and architectural design' service working from my home location which is between Falmouth and Truro in the County of Cornwall.

I moved to Cornwall in 1985 having previously lived in Staffordshire.

I have two Sons.  The eldest (Simon) now lives and works in California.
The youngest (Guy) lives and works in Cheshire.

Living in Cornwall enables me to grow many unusual plants, some of which can only be grown in Cornwall or other mild areas of the UK.

I describe myself as a 'plantaholic' and I have collected many interesting plants.

Click on 'PLANTS' to see some of my plants