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17 DECEMBER 2008


My old jigsaw (a Bosch) is now approaching 19 years old and it has served me well - but it is now quite worn - and technology has moved on. So....  I decided to treat myself to a new one.
I opted for the Ryobi (shown on the left) being a battery operated (cordless) model which appeals to me because I can never find an extension lead when I need one and the new Lithion Ion batteries have an excellent capacity.
The saw was delivered (quite quickly) on Monday last and I was quite impressed by the look and feel of the machine etc.  I had ordered the battery and charger (sold separtely) and so I very soon put the battery on charge.
After an hour or so the battery was fully charged and I tried the saw.  It seemed great - couldn't wait to try cutting a piece of wood !!.
It was the following day when I tried cutting wood.   Strange - it seemed that it would not cut very well at all.  It took quite a lot of forward pressure - and then only cut very slowly -  even on the maximum 'pedulum' setting.   (This is where the blade moves forward on the upstroke for cutting and moves backward on the downstroke to reduce friction and make cutting more effective)  Perhaps the single blade they sent with the machine was a cheapo - I need to try a better blade.  I took the blade out of my old jigsaw (Iknew this was good) and tried it in the new saw.  Result - just the same ???  What could be the problem ??
After careful examination I discovered that the blade was moving back on the upstroke (cutting stroke) and forward on the downstroke.   No wonder it wasn't cutting - the motor is running backwards !!!!!.
Perhaps I charged the battery the wrong way round  -  No it will only fit in the charger one way. Perhaps there is a reverse switch somewhere (but why would you need one??)  After reading the manual from cover to cover I decided to ring the suppliers.  They will probably think I'm a 'nutter' when I tell them the motor is running backwards.
I called them and described the problem........
Me      Yes I think the motor is running in reverse and that's why it's not cutting.  The cut should be on the 'upstroke' not the 'downstroke'.
Supplier (Steve)   Well - I've never heard of a problem like this before !!
Me   No neither have I
Steve   I don't know what I can do about this - perhaps we can send you replacement saw.
Me     Well - that's OK if you can be sure the next one will be OK.
Steve  Well let me check it out and I'll ring you back..
Me..  You WILL ring me back ??
Steve   Yes - give me an hour or so.
Me   I will await your call.
About One and a half hours later Steve called....
Steve.   ' Well - You've really put the cat amongst the pidgeons'  We have got all of our stock saws out and tested them and they are all the same - motors seem to be running backwards.  So we can't send you a replacement until we have sorted out the problem. We are getting in touch with Ryobi to se what can be done.
Me   So - I'm not going crazy then.
Steve   No - I've not seen this problem before but we will sort it out for you.  The ryobi lines are all engaged at this moment but when we get the problem resolved we'll get back to you.

That was yesterday - I am still waiting - watch this space.....


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