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19 APRIL 2008


Yesterday we lost our lovely cat Domino.
She had developed an ear infection just before we left for our holiday in USA.
We took her to the Vet and she was given an antibiotic injection and the Vet wanted to see her again in a weeks time.   We arranged with the Cattery for them to take her whilst we were away - which they did and when Linda phoned the Cattery from California, they said that she was making good progress and the Vet was very happy with her.
Upon our return however we saw that she had lost a lot of weight and we took her to the Vet again.
They kept her in for a couple of nights and did some tests.
The result was that she was anaemic.
It's not known how she became anaemic - but over the next week or so she was deteriorating and not interested in food.
it all culminated in her having to be put to sleep yesterday evening.
We will miss her so much.
I will miss her waiting for me at the top of our stairs every morning with her face peering around the newel post or even her whole head through the landing balusters.
A quick stroke and she would trot in front of me towards the Kitchen - tail upright- where she knew she would receive a few 'Crunchies'.
After lots of crunching interspersed with purring she would make for the front door where she would wait for me to let her out.
Routines will have to change.
She brought us such delight and was never ever aggresive.  She never put a claw on us or even hissed. She was completey passive.
We don't know where she came from - she just turned up at our door one day and although Linda made many enquiries to try to find her previous owner - none was found and so we eventually allowed her to adopt us.
A house is not a home without a cat.



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