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13 JUNE 2007


Yesterday (Tuesday 12th June), I spent most of the day at Treliske Hospital in Truro.
Linda came with me and we arrived at 08:15 in time for my 08:30 appointment. Linda had to come so that she could drive me back home. (I am not allowed to drive for 24 hours after having a general anaesthetic).
The reason for the visit was to have 'Cardioversion' to try to correct my irregular heart beat (Atrial Fibrillation) into a normal 'Sinus' rhythm.
As usual in these places, most of the time was spent waiting.
I was given a bed on a ward of six beds.  Three of the others were there for 'Cardioversion' also. And as expected I was the last one to be called.
I watched the others being taken out of the ward on their beds and returned after ten to fifteen minutes in a state of unconsciousness.  One of them (the first) took quite some time to regain consciousness.
When my turn came, they wheeled me out of the ward and into a theatre type room.  Linda waved me off a then went for a coffee.
I was in the room for about two minutes having pads stuck to my chest and breathing oxygen from a face mask whilst other cables etc. were being attached.  The anaesthetist (Andy) was great and explained everything that was going on and said he was sending me off to dream about an exotic holiday.
The next thing I know is that Andy is saying 'it's all over - and its been a great success and we are now going to take you back to the ward'.
I was fully conscious whilst they wheeled me back into the ward.  It seemed seconds and I was back sitting up on the bed when Linda returned.
The Lady Doctor (don't know her name) told me that I only needed one 'jolt' and that 'that' was a good sign and an indication that the Atrial Fibrillation would not re-occur. She also said that the result was a 'perfect' 'Sinus Rhythm'.
I had further blood pressure tests (now 127/85) and additional ECG (see before and after).
I will need to return in 4 - 6 weeks for them to check that the AF has not returned and I can then reduce the dose of Warfarin I have been taking.

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